What to Buy The Woman Who Does Everything

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. There is no better holiday. Halloween is okay, except for the sugar hangovers, and I adore Thanksgiving. But, there is no day as magical as Christmas.  I love it so much I named my daughter – a Springtime baby – “Holly.” Last year, we celebrated our first Christmas as a family of three and this year we have not one, but two babies to shop for. When did that happen? Who are all these little people who keep moving into my house?

I am never subtle about what I want for Christmas. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to things I’m eyeing. Do you know why? It’s because I love my husband, and I know he has better things to do than guess what I need. I don’t say anything, I just quietly pin away and a few things magically appear under the tree. It is the most romantic game of Amazon Prime ever played.

If your husband needs something a little more direct – I’m here for him. Consider me your elf.

Sweatshirt // Leggings (Honestly, buy these. You will never wear another pair of leggings again.) // Sneakers // Diaper Bag (similar)

There are two things all mamas need to survive: Wine and yoga pants. Not just any yoga pants, but high-waisted magical pants crafted by the gods to smooth out the damage bearing children did to our bodies. Behold, the magic pants. These are made by fellow mom boss and friend over at Brick Road Brigade, and they. are. divine.

Also, I’ve recently been living in mom-friendly sweatshirts like this one from Mama Heart Co. (Use code HOLLYANDFINN for a discount at checkout!)

I’m also loving this IndiJag sweatshirt, which is unbelievably comfy and off-the-shoulder, so nursing friendly! (Use code INSTA20 at checkout)


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