The Ecocentric Mom

I am not what one would call a “crunchy” mom. Sure, I do my best to buy organic and keep us GMO free (except for the odd Chik-Fil-A night here and there – I am only human), but I’m a gluten fanatic and I wouldn’t last being vegan a day. So, I was a little skeptical how excited I could get over a box full of all natural, healthy mom products. Color me surprised, when I got the Ecocentric Mom’s subscription box in the mail, there was not a single product I didn’t love. (You can watch my review of it here.)

The “Happy Joy” Essential Oil smells like heaven and sunflowers – it was my favorite product!

If you, too, could use a monthly gift (to yourself), I highly advise you check out The Ecocentric Mom.

I’ve linked my first video (EEK) below, to give you a run-down of all the goodies included in the box!

Watch Video


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