Holly Update: 10 Months

This post was written in collaboration with TwistShake, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I’m a little late to this update, since she’ll be 11 months in just a couple weeks. (Oops! #SecondChildProblems)

I feel like the second she turned nine months, there’s a new development every day, and I can barely keep up! Many other moms on Instagram ask me about her eating habits, schedule, and development, so I thought it appropriate to do a Q&A about little miss at 10 months.

Did she and Finn do things at the same stages?

Yes and no. Holly is a little quicker to try new things (I’ve said before Finn is our cautious baby) and she’s sort of a daredevil, so the second she discovers a new skill, she’s all over the place. She said her first words (if Mama and Dada count) at 7 months, and at ten months she’s a chatterbox. Our new favorite thing is when we ask her if she wants a bottle or to be picked up and she yells “YEAH!” with lots of enthusiasm.

She learned to stand using the laundry basket… Who needs baby gear, anyway? 

What is her schedule like?

Schedule? What schedule? She’s all over the place. With two, its so much harder to maintain a nap schedule. She’s finally started to nap, which is a huge development, but they are still irregular and short. She does sleep through the night, though, so I guess I should count my blessings.

What does she eat?

Everything. She’s a baby foodie. Typically, her day looks like this:

Morning: Bottle.

Mid-morning: An egg, blueberries, and cheerios

Afternoon: Bottle, nap(ish).

Mid-afternoon: Snack (typically, whatever her brother is having). Greek yogurt smoothie with kale, avocado, strawberries, and banana is a crowd favorite. On days where I’m very busy, it’s grapes and a slice of cheese. #MomOfTheYear

Late afternoon: Bottle, attempt at another nap. Usually a fail.

Dinner: Whatever we’re eating, paired with avocado. I give her so much avocado, it’s a wonder she’s not green.

Evening: Bottle, sleep.

How is she taking to the bottle?

The transition was seamless. This is really the only thing Holly has made easy on me. 😉

We have started using the TwistShake bottle (pictured below, isn’t it cute?!) and I love the happy, bright colors. They also have compartments to store formula and snacks, which makes my life so much easier on-the-go.



I love her nursery. Where did you find her stuff?


Her nursery is my favorite room in the house, and it’s not even finished yet! (Note the gallery wall on the shelves with empty frames…I’ll get to it.) Her macrame swing is my favorite part – I’m all about baby style with function. I wanted the space to feel fun for me (I spend a LOT of time in it) but also playful and babyish, because it’s her room after all.

I took her dress and made it into a wall hanging by attaching it to string in a frame with clothespins. Easy, cute…and it cost me next to nothing!

Her blanket is from Soul Studio Prints (a great baby gift for an expectant mama), the rug is Rugs USA (similar), and her knick knacks and shelves are mostly Target with a few antiques (mostly books) from shops in downtown Buda mixed in. (If you ever get to Buda, TX, you simply must swing through the cute little antique and thrift shops.) I’m all about mixing the old with the new!

What’s your favorite part about this stage / age?

Holly is such a little personality – seriously, she is my mini with her sass. It’s so fun to see how much she learns every day. Plus, even though she just stopped breastfeeding, our bond is pretty special.

What’s the most difficult part about this stage?

We nicknamed her “High Maintenance Holly,” if that tells you anything. Ha! She’s always been our “tougher” baby, but that’s probably because Finn was so easy that anything by comparison will seem tricky.

I guess the hardest part is that now she’s mobile, and having two babes running around makes getting anything else done impossible. I have to get creative, which is probably why she’s playing with the laundry basket in that picture.

I cannot wait to see who this vibrant little lady becomes. She is so fun… and dressing her is a blast!


BG + Holly (Finn, too.)

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