A Mama’s Guide to Sickness + Teething

Siri, what is wrong with my infant?

Siri, can you give a baby an exorcism?

Siri, where is the closest liquor store?

In our house, when it rains, it pours. If the kids get sick, it’s pneumonia. If they’re teething, it’s a full mouth of teeth ALL AT ONCE. That’s where we are right now. The Great Texas Plague (“It’s just a cold, Blakely, stop being so dramatic.” – Mike) has worked its way through our home TWICE and I am ready to bid it goodbye. To add to this lovely shit-storm of Tylenol and sucking the boogers out of their nose (Please go and buy yourself a Nose Frieda. It’s disgusting and amazing), Holly is currently getting FOUR TEETH simultaneously. I cringe when I look at her upper gums thinking about the pain she must be in.

Never has a blog collaboration been so appropriate. Oilogic’s line of essential oils and bath vapor soap has been working miracles for our house. While it can’t cure you of illness, it can help soothe the ache and congestion for the wee ones which is worth its weight in absolute gold. (Please note that these items are for babies 6 months and up.)

Let’s start with their Stuffy Nose + Cough Vapor Bath: I have always steamed up the bathroom to loosen up their mucus and help them breathe easier, but I’ve kicked it up a notch using the Oilogic Stuffy Nose + Cough Vapor Bath, which I pour into the tub and rub on a washcloth. I usually have Finn breathe into the washcloth for a few seconds, to help the vapors work their way into his nasal passages. When the kids get out of the bath, I help relieve the stuffy nose by using the Nose Frida (Yes, you use a tube to physically suck the snot out of their nose. It is every bit as disgusting and effective as it sounds, but if I’m honest, sucking out their boogers is one of the LESS gross things I’ve had to do as a mom).




Now, let’s move on to the demon that is teething. Bless.

Holly has been a real joy to put to bed, so we’re currently using the Sleep Vapor Bath in her tubs at night to calm the pain and help get her in the mood to sleep. I also give her a little foot massage with the Sleep + Slumber Oil Roll-On when she gets out of the bath.

These seasons of sickness and teething are to be expected with a team of little ones, and I’m just grateful to be a comfort to them when they aren’t feeling well. Here’s to building their immune systems and snuggling our way back to health!


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