Banishing Dry Skin: How to Care for Baby’s Eczema

I’ve hoped my kids would inherit many things from me: My ability to find a good bargain, to laugh at almost anything, and my obsession with clean counters (I’m singlehandedly keeping Pledge in business). What I had hoped they’d avoid, however, is my skin. I have suffered with eczema for my entire life. I can remember as a little girl, my mother pleading with me to stay still so she could smear the “sticky stuff” on my body and keep the cracking / bleeding at bay. She used to have me pretend I was a dalmatian while she’d cover me in dots of white, thick cream. I can remember her frown as she discovered new patches of dry, rough, red spots. I know the feeling, now, as I care for my own children’s skin.

When I noticed red patches on Finn and Holly’s little bodies, I knew that while they might have not gotten as severe as a case as mine – I have it on almost my entire body – but that I, too, would be playing the “Dalmatian game.” I’ve tried every product on the market to keep them from itching, scratching and bleeding; from the expensive kind you can buy at Nordstrom (I’ve essentially forked over my retirement thanks to Noodle & Boo) to age-old tricks like covering the patches in Vaseline. Some have worked better than others, but eventually, the patches persist. Until now, that is.


While plenty of skincare companies reach out to me about partnering with them, I often decline, because I can’t afford to experiment with their delicate, sensitive skin. But, when Theraplex reached out to me about their line of eczema therapy, I happily accepted and was glad to have them send me their line of products. (Sidebar: Isn’t blogging neat? I’ve been introduced to a world of baby / mom items I never might have known about if this weren’t part of my job.)

I bathe the kids in Mustela’s Gentle Cleansing Gel. It’s the only scented bath product I’ve found that doesn’t irritate their dry skin, and since we often get sweaty / muddy / dirty outside in the Texas heat, I like that it leaves them smelling like they did as newborns. Then, I follow up their baths with Theraplex’s Moisturizing Cream, which I massage into their skin for a few minutes, to ensure that their little bodies soak up every bit of moisture. (Also important: I often leave them naked for a while, to let their skin air out. I find, personally, that when I try and put clothes on too quickly it irritates my skin, so I’m sure the same goes for the wee ones.)

When their patches are feeling especially rough (when the seasons change, or we visit a different climate), I use Theraplex’s Emollient Cream, which is thicker in consistency and more powerful.


If this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. I won’t sugar coat it; chasing them around to coat their bodies in tons of lotion is no easy feat. But there’s nothing as precious to me as their health and comfort, so I’m happy to have found Theraplex. I’m so grateful to have been sent a product that works, and if your little ones suffer from dry or sensitive skin, I really can’t recommend it enough!

Back to kissing their soft, sweet little arms and legs,


Full disclosure: As I mentioned in this post, I was sent Theraplex’s line of Eczema Therapy products to try. I was not paid to write this post, and all opinions are my own. The trust of my readers and fellow moms is paramount to me – know that I’ll never recommend a product I don’t fully love. I’ve sent back many a product or declined many partnerships to maintain the integrity of this blog. Thank you, as always, for reading! 




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