A Year With Two Under Two

To the mom expecting two under two,

Are you panicking? Good. That means you have a pulse and some sense. I’m sure you’re getting questions, like:

Aren’t you afraid about your first feeling abandoned?

How will you manage?

Did you plan that?

Mmm. Aren’t people the best?

I’m here to tell you that not only will it not be unmanageable, but you’re about to have the most fun of your life. Packed in with that fun will be sleepless nights and thousands (THOUSANDS) of diaper changes, but do not let the a*holes of this world harden you into thinking this is impossible. It is possible. It is amazing.


To prove it to you, here we are, a year later and still standing – and smiling.


This is Finn. I know age two gets a bad rep, but he is my favorite little person to hang out with. Last night, as I put him to sleep, he stroked my face and whispered “mama!” When I opened my eyes, he giggled, and then fell asleep. I melted.

He LOVES to dance. He’s learning new words, slowly, with the help of a speech therapist. That’s been our biggest hurdle. But if I’m honest? I’m not worried. (That’s a lie. I’m a mom, so I’m always worried. I should say I try not to worry.) He is exactly the little boy he’s meant to be. I’m doing my best, he’s doing his best.

His favorite person is his grandpa, who he calls “Bubba.” He came up with that entirely on his own. In fact, we were calling Bubba, “Coach,” but Finn had other plans. So, Bubba he is.

He LOVES blueberries and hates peas. I sneak kale into smoothies, because the internet told me if you don’t give your kid kale, you don’t love them enough. Also, it’s healthy and it makes me feel better about when he refuses his nutritious dinner in favor of goldfish.

I know dressing girls is fun (believe me, my bill at Target today serves as evidence), but I am obsessed with dressing him. He wears mostly Zara and Old Navy, but I also do my best to shop small when I can. (I’ll do a post soon about my favorite boy shops, there are so many!)

He is so much like his Daddy, sometimes I swear I’m caring for a mini-Mike. He carries his lacrosse stick with him everywhere (“iyyy Dada,” which in Finn speak means “like Dad”). Here they are, hugging. Aren’t dads the best?


And then there’s Holly Kate, our little ball of fire. If you’re wondering how she got her name, it’s actually a sweet story. I’ve always loved the name – it’s classic, iconic, delicate. I’ve always thought I’d have a Holly one day. We wanted to give Mike’s mama a nod in her name, so we knew instantly that Kate would be her middle name. If you know Mrs. G, you’ve probably experienced her affinity for Christmas. Santa stays atop her armoire for the whole year, and decorating the tree might as well be a national holiday. To say it is her favorite holiday would be putting it mildly, and she puts on a Christmas that her grandkids will remember for their whole lives. So, when going through our list of names (Collete? Scarlet? Harper? There was a lot of brainstorming), I brought up Holly to Mike and it just sort of worked. Not only would her middle name be an homage to Kate, but her first name would too, as a nod to Christmas. Our little Christmas in springtime.


Holly’s favorite foods are… everything. As long as their is a lot of it. (How do you think she got those munchable cheeks?)

She talks non-stop, and is saying more words at 12 months than Finn is at two. Girls, I’m told, are the chatty type. If I’m any example, I think they’re right. She is bold and opinionated. Please pray for me during her teenage years, I will need it.

I am her favorite person. This should be flattering, and it is (kind of), but for the first six months of her life I could hardly put her down. I have, on more than a few occasions, peed with her on my lap. I’m not proud of it, but sometimes a mama’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. I hope we’re still thick as thieves in 20 years.


So, to the precious mother expecting her second I say this:

Go ahead, panic a little bit. But know one thing: Not only are you not taking away anything from your first (that notion is my least favorite, for obvious reasons) but you’re giving both of your children the greatest gift they’ll ever receive, their very best friend for life.

Brew some coffee and buckle up.


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