A #BeenThereDoneThat Mom’s Guide to Gifts

Baby shower season is upon us! I am so excited for my many friends expecting their very own children, and I’m always hopeful to give them a special gift – one they’ll remember. I usually pick one practical gift off the registry. But I also like to give something special and memorable, and I always shop small when doing so. In doing this I give two people a gift:

  • The expectant mother gets a handmade, heartfelt gift.
  • A small shop owner (usually a mother herself) is introduced to a new mom, who hopefully will love the item and buy from the shop again. As someone who works in publicity, word-of-mouth is still the most prized form of PR. Best of all, it’s free.


Holly’s Easter outfit: Target dress, Blushing Bows floral crown, Mary Jane style moccs in Distressed Honey

I most frequently gift baby shoes, and there is no better or kinder “mocc mama” than the mompreneur at the helm of TinyBabySoles. I own way too many pairs for my own kiddos, and I’m always stopped to ask where I got them. They are a hit at showers, and the moms I’ve given the shoes to always return to the shop to buy more.


The shoes are super soft leather, perfect for newly formed feet and come in sizes small enough to slip on to a newborn baby. Finn and Holly both left the hospital in their very first pairs of TinyBabySoles and I’ll keep them forever.

If you’re shopping for your own children or an expectant mama, you simply cannot find a more special gift!

Thank you to my friend, Emily, at TinyBabySoles who sent Holly these moccasins as a gift. We will treasure them, always, as we have all of our moccs from your shop!

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