Special Memories with Luhvee Books

Happy Friday, friends! 

I get to work with a lot of very cool brands, but today’s post is one of my favorite collaborations thus far. When Finn was a little babe, I was diligent about filling out his baby book. I’d note every new food he tried, his likes and dislikes, and glued pictures to the pages like a crazy person. But with the addition of #2, certain things had to take a backseat, and I’m sorry to say Holly doesn’t even have a baby book. She has a box of “keepsakes,” her hospital outfit, first blanket, pair of shoes… all thrown haphazardly into a box that used to house Mike’s baseball cards.


Luhvee Books has my #lazymom back, and makes collecting memories and pictures into a curated book easy and simple. I’d tried to create a photo book on other websites before, and it had been an hours-long process which resulted in a just-okay product with grainy photos. Luhvee Books makes it easy by doing some of the work for you and allowing you to fill in special things about your kiddos + special people. The beautifully decorated pages are pre-prepared with statements ready for you to finish. (For example: “We love the way you…*fill in the blank*”)


What I didn’t anticipate is how cool the kids would think the books were – we made sure to include photos of their favorite people (grandparents, friends, and each other) and when we flipped through their book together they couldn’t stop laughing and smiling when they recognized friendly faces. Best of all: The books make for a thoughtful, meaningful gift for family members. We decided to make a book for Holly and Finn’s grandma, Gigi, with special memories and things we love about her – like that she always smells like cinnamon and makes the best treats for us and the kiddos.


To create your very own book with Luhvee, use the code BLAKELY20 for 20% off.












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