Meeting Milo (Musts for New Pups!)

I have a confession to make: I have fallen in love. His name is Milo, and he’s polite, affectionate, and so very handsome. I’m talking, of course, about our new addition. A rescue pup named Milo who comes to us with some joint issues and a skin infection but the most loveable little heart.

Like with any new addition to a family, shopping is inevitable. I’ve teamed up with all of my favorite brands for dogs, big and small, to give you some discounts and doggie fashion inspo. You’re in for a treat! (Ha.)

Love from Milo (who is laying at my feet waiting for a treat) and me!



The Foggy Dog is one of the cuuuutest shops on Instagram, and I knew I had to have #AllTheThings. They sent Milo this adorbs bandana and I went ahead and bought a matching bed, leash, and dog toy. Her prices are affordable, and how can you resist shopping handmade? Lucky pup, you get a discount. Use code BGMEDIA at checkout.

If you’re wondering why he’s wearing a sweater, you’re in good company. I’m not the kind to dress up my dogs. But I couldn’t resist this super soft, super cute sweatshirt for Milo and I think I’ve changed my mind about dressing him up. He was made for fashion. He gets that from me. You can shop the sweater here.


Here’s Milo, getting his first subscription box from the Dapper Dog Box.  For the price, it had so so much in it! Treats, toys, a bandana. He is in doggie heaven. PLUS, your pup can be philanthropic. With every purchase, the company donates to pups in need. ❤

Last but certainly not least, The Rover Pet Boutique sent Milo all sorts of goodies. A leash, bow tie, and bandana – oh milo!


The bandana is my absolute favorite. (For a part-chihuahua mutt, he’s pretty preppy – in a past life he played Lacrosse and Yale and went on to work in finance and marry a tri-delt.) Just for you, I got you a 20% discount with the code BLAKELYDOG. 

Look at the precious bow tie. I am officially dead and gone. (And spot the little Foggy Dog bed in the background!)



So there you have it. Shop away, dog mamas!


One thought on “Meeting Milo (Musts for New Pups!)

  1. What are you doing for his skin infection? My rescue pit has it as well and the vet just seems to give him antibiotics for 4 weeks but I’d really love to to a holistic approach.

    Milo is adorable, love how you chose adopting a pup in need. God Bless your beautiful fanily!!!

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