Walmart Haul (LOOK WHAT I FOUND!)

OK – a confession. I’m somewhat of a Target snob. But on my recent trip to Walmart I found the cutest stuff for baby… and a few fun things for me. Check out below!

I’d never even thought to look in the Walmart Baby clothing section, because I’m not usually one for the “cutesy” designs – to each their own, but I usually look for things without too much writing or “fluff.” Unfortunately, the brands that sell minimalist baby stuff usually come with a less-than-ideal price tag (especially when looking for organic cotton and other cozy knits).

But recently, I had to go to Walmart for some quarantine essentials, and because it was my first time out of the house in weeks, I took a stroll down a few more aisles and omg… I found the cutest stuff.

Gerber just released their “Modern Moments” collection, which is full of comfy basics and elegant pieces for a really bargain price.

nordy sale image (1)

Here’s Hazel in one of her adorable pink rompers – which are $12 for a 2-pack!



…and some other things I snagged, like these super cute spotted mules – they’re UNDER $15!  

I also grabbed this bronzer everyone is talking about… it’s a super buttery formula and it smells like a coconut. (And it’s a bargain!)

And look at these cute blush pink rainboots! They’re under $17


Click here to shop SPOTTED MULES, and here to shop RAIN BOOTS.


Lesson learned: Don’t rule out Wally World for bargain fashion. You have to look a little harder, but it’s there.




One thought on “Walmart Haul (LOOK WHAT I FOUND!)

  1. I’m buying my friends new bony from here for her shower. Darling things. Wouldn’t have thought Walmart! Thank you. 💕

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