Shop Small Gift Guide

It’s no secret that the pandemic – and 2020 in general – has taken a toll on small businesses. Fortune reported that nearly 100,000 of businesses that shut down temporarily during the lockdown resulted in permanently closed doors. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to be conscious of where we’re spending our money, especially during the holidays when small business owners are trying to keep food under the table and presents under the tree. Below, I’ve included my favorite holiday finds for the people on your list, and I hope you’ll consider shopping small and supporting the “little guy” this year over big box stores and Amazon. (No shame in the Prime game, but I try and shop small wherever possible.)

If you don’t see anything you love on my list, Etsy has curated a “holiday shop” with editor’s picks of their top gifts this year.

To shop these items, click the tagged links below!

For her: Engraved custom jewelry tags

Self-care gift box ready to go under the tree!

Handmade polymer clay + gold earrings (Under $40!)

Crayon letters

Dolly Parton Mug

Custom Family Portrait

Beaded Personalized Bracelet

One of my favorite local shops here in Texas is Thatcher. The gals behind Thatcher are amongst the nicest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet and whenever someone would come to visit, I’d make sure I’d taken them by this little haven of natural treasures. While it makes me want to ugly cry that I won’t get to peruse their offerings in person, as their physical location sadly closed due to – you know – 2020, it delights me to know that they’ll still be offering their fabulous finds online. I can’t wait to support them as they pivot! (Psst… they have already BEAUTIFULLY packaged bundles that are ready to ship or deliver to your favorite person.)

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